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Managing Your Game — Part VII
Offsides and obstruction infractions
By Adam Powell
November 18th, 2011

As one of the most common infractions in rugby, offsides is something all officials must understand: when and how to enforce the penalty for that infraction. In free play, an official has an obligation to make sure that all players are positioned in the correct place and to penalize them if they are not. When you make sure that players are onsides, and correctly defend the rules, the respect you earn on the pitch will only be increased.
Managing Your Game — Part VI
By Adam Powell
November 11th, 2011

Teams that can control line-outs typically win in rugby, which makes it necessary for officials to ensure that both teams are fairly treated. Line-outs can make or break a team at the end of a game and require a keen sense of awareness on the part of those involved.

As one of those "interested parties," an official must know how to organize line-outs effectively, allowing the clean entry of the ball back into the field of play.

Click the title to find out how that's done.

Managing Your Game — Part V
Fair contesting of scrums
By Adam Powell
November 4th, 2011

The fair contesting of scrums has become a major focus for the International Rugby Board (IRB) since the 1999 World Cup. After careful reviewing of video, the IRB contended that the integrity of scrums had become diminished at the game's highest level due to a decreased effort on the part of officials to monitor throw-ins. As a result, hooking has lost its significance as a singular and substantial component of the sport.

In the ten years since that World Cup, the governing body has attempted to better educate officials on proper contesting of scrums, and their determinations have helped all officials get a better understanding of their role of ensuring equally competitive scrums for both sides. Here's our take on that important subject.

Managing Your Game — Part IV
Scrum calls - 1
By Adam Powell
October 28th, 2011

When combining sixteen bodies into a single mass with legs charging and arms and heads tightly wound together in a bundle of bone and skin, just about anything can happen.

The scrum, as one of the most challenging and rigorous elements of rugby, requires the official's vigilance if it is to be properly maintained.

The first part of this "Scrum MiniSeries" will deal with the pregame management of scrums and proper alignment and calls that every referee has to know.

Managing Your Game — Part III
By Adam Powell
October 21st, 2011

Mauling, although not as common as rucking, is a successful tool for aggressive offensive teams in rugby. Bigger teams use the maul to take advantage of smaller, less physical teams to generate positive passages of play. Knowing when a maul has formed, along with knowing how to delegate them effectively, will make games flow much more efficiently for an official.
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