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Keeping Things Calm
Avoiding brawls on a rugby pitch

Rugby referees get respect from players after a number of well-officiated efforts. Many will even begin to call you "Sir!" But that level of reverence cannot be attained until a referee continuously asserts his dominion over the pitch.

Let them know you're in control

You can do that in a number of ways. One effective tool is to have each team line up facing the other before the game and go behind each player checking cleats.

That process should be standard before a rugby game anyway. A referee wants to ensure that the players don't wear illegal, potentially-dangerous equipment on the field.

Some referees simply go to the sidelines to complete this routine while others choose to line up the teams. By making it something of a pre-game ritual, officials can add some fun to the process and clearly demonstrate their dominance of the action to come.


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